Your résumé: define the field of work and position

Diário de S.Paulo – Your résumé

December 1, 2008 – Jeffrey Abrahams, headhunter and managing partner of Abrahams & Associates, analyzed the résumé of a professional interested in working in hospitality. “The résumé lacks important information for the recruiter, such as details of her career evolution of the candidate. She mentions her intention to work in hospitality, a promising and broad field of work. That is why it is important to specify in which area she wants to work in,” explains Abrahams. Another flaw is in the experience: “The recruiter will see miscellaneous positions and will be confused. Positions range from receptionist to salesperson, but none in hospitality.” Below are some tips on how to write a proper résumé.


1. OBJECTIVE: Mention only one desired field of work
2. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: Forgot to include year she graduated from college
3. CAREER: Mentions several professional experiences, but none in the desired field of work


1. OBJECTIVE: highlight the field of work and position desired
2. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: specify THE field of study, institution and graduation year
3. EXPERIENCE: highlight the activities carried out throughout the career