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Agribusiness Radio is a portuguese-language webradio dedicated to the broadcasting of stories, events, news and interviews about the labor market, technology and research applied to the field and business. Guidance for those who work or intend to work in the industry; information on research and technologies; interviews with keynote speakers and producers, as well as  scenarios and analyses presented by renowned executives. Agribusiness Radio is the voice of the field on the internet thanks to the partnership between Jeffrey Abrahams and Som S/A, a corporate webradio and podcast developer.

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Audio available in Portuguese only

04/09/14 – Business table with José Carlos Pedreira de Freitas 


07/25/13 – Agro Show with Orlando de Melo (Theme: what is APTA?)


07/25/13 -Business table with Orlando de Melo (Theme: São Paulo as an Agribusiness power) 


07/25/13 – Agro Tech with Orlando de Melo (Theme: Higher Demands for Technology) 


07/25/13 – Agro Tech with Orlando de Melo (Theme: Lines of Research) 


06/18/13 – Professional Coffee with Eduardo Leduc (Theme: Basf in the Brazilian Agribusiness) 


06/17/13 – Agro Show with Eduardo Leduc (Theme: the Famished Planet Campaign)


06/16/13 – Agro Show with Eduardo Leduc (Theme: Food Safety)  


06/15/13 – Agro Show with Eduardo Leduc (Theme: Ecoefficient Brazil)