Keep your eyes open to avoid excluding interesting candidates

Warning to recruiters. Experience has taught me, over and over, to try to think beyond the obvious. Being careful not to eliminate prematurely candidates for being in another kind of company and one of different size. For example, an executive who is used to a big multinational company – it is not possible to have a prejudiced analysis that he is “spoiled” by big structures and because of that he is not a “hands on” professional. There is some common sense and some level of prejudice. But, instead, perhaps he is avid for an opportunity to work in a smaller environment, with less corporate politics.

In turn, the candidate should also be aware and demonstrate his real interest and enthusiasm for the position. It is a two-way street. The more transparent and sincere the relationship, the greater are the chances to find the right person. With the complexity of positions and organizations, relying on simple job descriptions or superficial analysis is not enough. And those who do not communicate in their résumé or interview their skills and ambitions will miss the train.