Jeffrey Abrahams

jeffrey-abrahams-400x450Entrepreneur, human resources specialist, Jeffrey is a Managing Partner at Fesap, the holding company of Fesa, Asap Recruiters and Fesa Advisory. He is responsible for leading Agribusiness, Consumer Goods and Pharmaceuticals practices at Fesa, a specialized top management Executive Search firm.

Professional objective: help organizations reach their goals in the 21st century, facing the ups and downs and demands of the Brazilian market, with talent and competitiveness.

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Brazilian geography and its amount of sun, water and soil favors the country to produce the main products used for feeding humans (protein, grain, meat, vegetables and fruit). These factors give Brazil a competitive advantage worldwide in the agribusiness industry. It would not be optimism to say that its land is key to supply the world’s demands. The country also possesses the best energy matrix for the generation of clean energy.

In the world market, Brazil is already recognized for the production of vital commodities, such as soybean for oil and cotton for the manufacturing of natural fibers. Brazil is a center of excellence in the production of sugar cane, genetics, biotechnology, coffee, cotton, soybean, and bovine meat. The current challenge is to add value to the production. Not seldom, for example, foreigners buy national cotton and process it abroad – and the value added product is imported by Brazil at high costs. Or green soybean being exported to be crushed overseas.

With growing business, the labor market also favors companies in this industry, which remunerate well its employees and compete for such Executives. But who is this professional the market is looking for? Agriculture requires a different profile, which is more entrepreneurial. People in large urban centers do not have a clear notion of the size of Agribusiness and some still think that agriculture is a business of the past. Today the agro businessman is agile, highly informed and prepared for high precision production. Because he lives under pressure, foreign exchange and climate volatility, he needs to understand finance, agriculture and “people”.

The search for professionals in this segment extends to all areas (production, finance, industrial, human resources, etc.) to assure the Company’s performance.

In the business roles, the greatest demand is concentrated in the Field, where the businessman has to produce more with less. Agriculture demands deep technical and market skills, making use of the most modern practices and management tools, use of input, variety, mechanization, logistics, as well as commercialization. Therefore, each stage is part of a production chain that has to be necessarily effective.