Headhunters, consultants and a coach say professionals with differentials and entrepreneurial view can be successful

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The right bet for 2009


Jeffrey Abrahams says it is possible to be hired in the beginning of the year

Jeffrey Abrahams says it is possible to be hired in the beginning of the year

January 3, 2009 – In the beginning of the year many professionals decided to invest in their career. Some decided to boost their résumés by attending post-graduate courses, an MBA or by takin a language course. Some dedicated themselves at work to get a promotion, while others made a bet in new professional endeavors. To make the best out of 2009 and not be carried away by the financial crisis, the best option is to be qualified and attentive to the changes in the market.

According to headhunter Ricardo Nogueira, president of Junto Fast Recruitment, this year the following areas will be hot: information technology (IT), biotechnology, engineering, agronomy, and environment. “The professional must stay up to date and understand the peculiar moment the corporate world is experiencing,” advises Nogueira.

“The best is to strategically analyze the professional phase because, in some cases, the beginning of the year can be perfect to find a new job opportunity,” says headhunter Jeffrey Abrahams, managing partner at Abrahams & Associates.

According to Renato Waberski, career consultant at Catho Group, professionals should avoid acting by impulse and analyze proposals carefully. “He needs common sense and find an opportunity which is equivalent to his experience. Jumping from one company to another harms the résumé of any person.”

For the coach (professional career guidance counselor) Villela da Matta, president of the Brazilian Coaching Society (SBC), in 2009, whoever has the largest number of competencies will be the most coveted executive by the market. “It is important to develop skills that become differentials in your career,” he highlights. “The labor market is looking for a professional who can see the company not only through the lens of the employee, but also through that of the hirer,” says Renato Grinberg, general director of the job portal Trabalhando.com.br.

Those who are beginning their career and do not yet have an outstanding résumé should value the activities carried out. “Ideally, volunteer work, sports and academics should be mentioned,” explains Rodolfo Ohl, sales and operations director of the portal Monster Brasil.

To be successful this year or any year, Nogueira provides a tip: “Get along with people. This way, in case of an emergency, you can count on help to find a new position in the market.”