Fesa announces restructuring and merger with Abrahams Executive Search

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December 2, 2013 – The consultancy and recruitment firm Fesa, focused on top management positions, ends the years announcing several changes. They range from the changing the address to a comprehensive internal restructuring. “We are moving to a building across the street, but our office will occupy the entire floor where everyone will share the same environment,” says Denys Monteiro, who started working in the company 15 years ago and this month became the CEO.

Monteiro, now Fesa’s CEO, says it is not possible to predict what will happen in 2014.

Monteiro, now Fesa’s CEO, says it is not possible to predict what will happen in 2014.

A new physical distribution of the company has the objective of bringing teams closer together and integrating members that are arriving. In December the company officially announces the merger with Abrahams Executive Search, a traditional recruiter in the agribusiness industry led by Jeffrey Abrahams.

Monteiro explains that, when he left as head of pharmaceutical, consumer goods and agribusiness industries to become CEO, he did not find a headhunter with the desired profile to lead all these areas. Strategically, he decided to distribute the responsibility among different directors in the company and, in the case of agribusiness, bring Abrahams and his 10-strong team of consultants. We want to strengthen our position in this segment,” he highlights. The founder of Abrahams has 20+ years of experience in the sector and great exposure to executive recruitment, as former partner of Tasa AG, between 1996 and 2003.

The financial services area, one of Fesa’s the main businesses, will be led by Paulo Bilezikjian, former executive of JP Morgan and Hedging-Griffo, with experience in the United States and in the family office area. Gabriela Lindeman, in turn, was promoted and will lead the industrial sector recruitment division, which includes chemical, metal, paper, among other specialties. Managing Partner Renata Fabrini left the company.

Currently, Fesa has over 110 professionals working in six offices. Founded in São Paulo in 1995 by Alfredo Assumpção, it was the first Brazilian recruitment firm servicing the finance industry. The first unit outside São Paulo was opened in 1999 in Rio. Later came Curitiba, in 2001, and last year offices were opened in Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Campinas. Since 2005, the company is part of the IIC Partners network.

According to Monteiro, 52% of Fesa’s clients today are Brazilian companies, from many different industries – in the beginning they accounted for only 10%. “That is a consequence of the growing importance of governance in the country,” he says.

The company does not disclose numbers, but, according to Monteiro, the best year was 2011 – in his opinion, today the executive recruitment market is flat. The expectation for 2014 is that things start evolving, but there is still a lot of uncertainty. “Companies laid off people during the crisis, and now they are hiring and investing again. Even so, you never know how the year is going to be with elections and the World Cup.” (SC)

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