Fesa incorporates Abrahams and strengthens the agribusiness team

São Paulo, December 2, 2013 – Fesa, a consultancy firm specialized in the recruitment and selection of executives, announces its merger with Abrahams Executive Search, a recruitment firm specialized in the Agribusiness industry. With the change, Abrahams' entire team was incorporated to Fesa. Jeffrey Abrahams, founding partner of Abrahams Executive Search, is now Managing Partner of Fesap Holding, controller of the Fesa and Asap Recruiters brands. As partner, he will be in charge of the Pharma, Agribusiness, Retail, Food & Beverages and Luxury industries in the consulting firm. With 17...

Fesa announces restructuring and merger with Abrahams Executive Search

Valor Econômico December 2, 2013 - The consultancy and recruitment firm Fesa, focused on top management positions, ends the years announcing several changes. They range from the changing the address to a comprehensive internal restructuring. "We are moving to a building across the street, but our office will occupy the entire floor where everyone will share the same environment," says Denys Monteiro, who started working in the company 15 years ago and this month became the CEO. A new physical distribution of the company has the objective of bringing teams closer together and integra...

Is your career over when reaching the 60s? Here is what specialists say

Exame.com – Corporate Recruitment specialists answer the same question: does corporate career end when turning 60? Here is what they said 
by Camila Pati Jeffrey Abrahams, president of Abrahams Executive Search November 12, 2013 – “The traditional career, in general, comes to an end. When we introduce a candidate of certain age, companies close doors," he says. But he highlights that this does not mean there isn't room for those over 60 years of age in the market. "The career ends for that executive who wants a CLT (Brazilian labor law) contract. But there is room for rendering serv...

The hunt for executives

Isto É Dinheiro – INVESTORS
 by Carlos Sambrana Positions remain open, there is a lack of professionals and salaries have increased. Here is what you need to know to be a coveted professional August 1, 2011 – If you are reading this article, get ready. Take out your suit from the closet, groom your hair, take a great picture and show your talent to the labor market. The open position in the cover of this edition can soon be yours. Since the economic miracle, in the 70s, the Brazilian labor market has never been so hot. Open positions are abundant and there is a lack of professionals. "T...

Brazil Confidential: Recruiters forecast double-digit growth in pay, despite growing reluctance from multinationals

Financial Times - Brazil Confidential Executive salaries still surging Recruiters forecast double-digit growth in pay, despite growing reluctance from multinationals. SUMMARY >Brazil Confidential interviewed eight senior recruiters in depth about the top end of the labour market The recruiters said salaries would rise by more than 10% per year as small companies take up the slack >Second-tier cities such as Recife are seeing salaries almost as high as in São Raulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rising premiums are being paid to lure executives to more remote regions. > Recruite...

Executives leave companies but do not stop working

Folha de São Paulo April 3, 2011 – Though age may seem a hindrance to enter the labor market, white hair is almost essential for positions such as member of the board of directors. "After the shock of leaving a company in which he has spent most of his life, the executive over 60 years of age will hardly want or be able to go back to the corporate routine. The daily routine in the board of directors is calmer," says Jeffrey Abrahams, of Abrahams Executive Search. Agostinho Dalla Valle, 58, is a board member in five companies in the food, metallurgy, textile and health insurance indu...

Headhunters, consultants and a coach say professionals with differentials and entrepreneurial view can be successful

Diário de S.Paulo
 The right bet for 2009

 em>PATRÍCIA BASILIO patricia.basilio@diariosp.com.br January 3, 2009 – In the beginning of the year many professionals decided to invest in their career. Some decided to boost their résumés by attending post-graduate courses, an MBA or by takin a language course. Some dedicated themselves at work to get a promotion, while others made a bet in new professional endeavors. To make the best out of 2009 and not be carried away by the financial crisis, the best option is to be qualified and attentive to the changes in the market. According...

There are job offers in the recruitment, training and evaluation areas, and career consultancy

DIÁRIO DE S.PAULO – TALENT & SUCCESS Profession of the week > human resources consultant PATRÍClA BASILIO 
patricia.basilio@diariosp.com.br SIMONE HARNIK
from G1  February 8, 2009 – Finding new talents and managing bureaucratic processes of hired employees in a company are some of the responsibilities of a human resources consultant (HR). With the current economic crisis in the world, leaders are betting on them to find for more qualified, agile and entrepreneurial employees. "The role of HR is to know how to extract the best from people, manage talents. They also need to...

Invigorating the consultancies

O ESTADO DE S.PAULO Top management jobs by Paulo Fortuna December 21, 2008 – Consultancies will close the year under new leadership. Ruy Shiowaza is the new president of Great Place to Work Institute. José Tolovi Jr., founder of the company who held the position will dedicate himself to building a strategic alliance to boost operations in Brazil and overseas. The executive recruitment firm Abrahams Executive Search announced Cristiano Walter Simon, ex-SmithKline and Dow Química, as consultant-board member. Manuel Martins was appointed executive director of Mesa RBL, specialized in the d...