Feet down to earth and head on technology

Dinheiro Rural 
Jeffrey Abrahams* April 2014 – The labor market is extremely dynamic and its changes seem slow. But, if we provide an overview over the last two decades, it is possible to notice how much this market has changed. The expectations of companies are not the same anymore, as well as the behavior and background of executives. In agribusiness, such reality also applies. According to figures released in December by the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA), the industry's GDP should grow 3.56% in 2013, compared to 2012, totaling R$ 1 trillion. The market not only...

Sugar-alcohol industry: demand for managers on the rise

Valor Econômico
 Vívian Soares Quest for better governance creates demand for technical knowledge and managerial abilities. Sugarcane producers compete for executives for professional management September 24, 2012 – The professionalization and consolidation of the sugar-alcohol industry are driving demand for middle and top management executives in companies. The market, traditionally seen as archaic and not very professionalized, is restructuring its management teams to become more competitive. The arrival of foreign investors and the need for better governance practices have forced th...

What are the attributes of a good Headhunter?

DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS OF AN EXECUTIVE SEARCH PROFESSIONAL Headhunter profile - ideal model This profession offers consulting services to companies recruiting talents, that is, searching for specific professionals for top and middle management positions. The Search Consultant analyzes the characteristics of each role of the hiring company, identifies its concrete necessities and the profile of the executive that is needed. Key competencies of the activity: Knowing how to listen carefully about needs within ordered, clear, and pragmatic mental criteria, the consultant should...

Everything a good headhunter doesn’t do

I apologize to those with a low profile style, but boldness is essential. I hope that this post will help a professional avoid buying the story told by some professionals that they are in the executive job search business. As a candidate, do not pay a headhunter to prospect opportunities for you. This is unheard of. Reputable consultancies have companies as clients. Receiving résumés and speaking with professionals are part, therefore, of the job of a search and executive retention consultant. The search and selection for an executive position is a job that brings great responsibilit...

The search for transgenic leaders

DBO Agrotecnologia – Human Resources
 Jeffrey Abrahams* March/April 2011 – Despite the fact that bookstores are becoming cell phone stores and home libraries are making room for LCD flat screens, some people still believe the world hasn't changed. Worst yet is when they realize that the mustache became an implant. We hear a lot about the Y generation. Be it the baby boomers or X, Y and current millennials, this is simply the description of the generations in an evolving context and their impact on human behavior when faced with challenges. In the past, there was an abundance of culture...

Building astral alignment is possible!

Enabling the right person to be in the right time, in the right place. This is the job of an Executive Search company. And that is exactly my business: making sure recruitment is successful and that hirer and candidate are in tune with each other. In my opinion, happiness is about adjusted expectations. And that is something hard to achieve. From now on, I will share a little bit of the work routine of my company and show some vital factors in the talent search process. Feel free to participate, clear doubts and provide suggestions, OK? Today, we will talk about the mission of the role. ...

A few tips for a selection process

Today we will go straight to the point. Your problems are over, here is a survival manual: • The search for a CEO must have an established committee; it is also useful to have a search committee for other management levels; • It should be crystal clear who will be the interviewers and who will lead the process; • Logistics: appointments should have minimal changes, because that might ruin the executive search company's image before the guest, as well as the image of the hiring company before the candidate. We are all ONE in this challenge, interconnected. That is the reason why we rec...

Confidentiality is sacred!

The "big mouth" may destroy an excellent search in progress and turn it into a fiasco. Therefore, every recruitment process should be trusted to those involved. Believe it or not, there is nothing as fulminating in killing a good recruitment than botching confidentiality. A secret has to be kept! The candidate expects this to be infused in the hiring organization. And they definitely deserve nothing short of that. It is a two-way street. For the company, the less people know about it, the better the quality of the search. During the process, the relation with a good consultant is develop...

Keep your eyes open to avoid excluding interesting candidates

Warning to recruiters. Experience has taught me, over and over, to try to think beyond the obvious. Being careful not to eliminate prematurely candidates for being in another kind of company and one of different size. For example, an executive who is used to a big multinational company - it is not possible to have a prejudiced analysis that he is "spoiled" by big structures and because of that he is not a "hands on" professional. There is some common sense and some level of prejudice. But, instead, perhaps he is avid for an opportunity to work in a smaller environment, with less corporate poli...

Structure and organize your recruitment and selection system

Equality of conditions! That is the motto. We strongly recommend that the selection process with the candidates be equally consistent among all. They should be gauged in a leveled field to be comparable. That will help make stars stand out... or not. Punctuality is essential for a good impression. Courtesy and sympathy to sell the company to the guest are also vital. We already have seen cases in which the tardiness of a candidate (sometimes due to logistical mistakes of the client) disrupted the interview. The secretary, the reception, the environment, etc., make up the first impression...