Confidentiality is sacred!

The “big mouth” may destroy an excellent search in progress and turn it into a fiasco. Therefore, every recruitment process should be trusted to those involved. Believe it or not, there is nothing as fulminating in killing a good recruitment than botching confidentiality. A secret has to be kept! The candidate expects this to be infused in the hiring organization. And they definitely deserve nothing short of that.

It is a two-way street. For the company, the less people know about it, the better the quality of the search.

During the process, the relation with a good consultant is developed on the basis of complicity and trust. We recommend the executive not to ever break this relation, because that will backlash at him in the future.

In general, many successful executives are not searching for new opportunities: we are the ones who will search for them. What happens is that quite often the hiring company thinks the candidate is looking for a new job. I have experienced cases in which the guest was asked the reason why he was offering himself, when actually, the headhunter convinced him to go to the interview.

There are cases in which the client, in benefit of a colleague for old times sake, forwarded the report to another company. That can cause outright damage for the executive who was interviewed confidentially. Therefore, the human resources area should have additional caution. We all know that the world is flat. Everyone is son of Adam and Eve, that is, people in the market know each other. Any false move and everyone will know at the virtual speed of the internet.

Also, beware of referrals before time, because a piece of information can always leak to the information network. It’s a small world after all. A false move and leaked information can destroy an executive career. You cannot be careful enough. Even before the interviews.