Doing the same thing will not work

O Globo – Click! – Interview -Jeffrey Abrahams
Léa Cristina and Rodrigo March

November 23, 2008 – In times of crisis, people buy less. Therefore, sales appeal for products and services must be stronger. In this scenario, the consultant from São Paulo Jeffrey Abrahams, believes that creative professionals become even more valued. Abrahams believes that, with dedication, every person is capable of producing innovative ideas.

O GLOBO: What is the importance of creativity for executives in general?

JEFFREY ABRAHAMS: In any crisis, creativity is essential for the survival of professionals in all areas. Crises separate the wheat from the chaff. But there is no use in being creative and not put ideas into practice, showing results.

O GLOBO: Why are professionals with such characteristic more valued?

ABRAHAMS: Doing the same thing will not work anymore. The professional need to find new solutions and ways of operating. The market buys less. Those working in sales, marketing, and financing need to come up with innovations to offer.

O GLOBO: Are companies concerned about finding creative people or that depends on each individuals’ nature?

ABRAHAMS: Creative people can see the world and its problems in a different way; they are willing to break old paradigms. Companies always search for the best professional, but each worker needs to do whatever it takes to adapt to his or her reality.

O GLOBO: Can professionals develop creativity?

ABRAHAMS: There are those whose creative in inherent to their natural skills. I see that in many individuals with little formal education, but who are able to come up with great solutions. But, reading and studying constantly also helps sharpen creativity. With effort and dedication, it is possible to make a difference.

O GLOBO: Are Brazilians more creative?

ABRAHAMS: In my opinion, yes, because they have a freer and less strict education compared to other countries.


O GLOBO: Creative professionals still face barriers to present their ideas?

ABRAHAMS: Companies complain about the lack of creativity. But when someone presents and idea, management is afraid of putting it into practice. The professional will have to find of way of not scaring the existing structures: “change the world” can lead to loss. Including emotional loss.